Can Next Generation Technology Make the World a Better Place with Innovative Tech Stack ?

Now every day brings news of amazing new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics and automation. It’s the age of ambient computing and everyone’s world is about to change in the global platforms.

We’re seeing a revolution in the power and capabilities of mainstream technology. Hardware costs are falling, software is becoming more intelligent, our phones, cars and washing machines have more and more computing power. We’ve moved way beyond the mobile revolution into the age of ‘ambient computing’.

Every day brings new stories about AI, bots and robots – from BBC stories about faking Obama’s mouth movements to DeepMind beating humans at Go and Honda using IBM Watson for its F1 IOT systems these are stories that pop up across everyone’s news feeds.

What’s a bot?

In this fast moving space the term Bot is used in various ways but in this case I’m referring to those digital tools or services that use these new capabilities – a piece of software that draws on the power of AI and the internet of things to create new functionality. Bots are linked to this next generation of tech in the way that Apps are now synonymous with mobile.

Chatbots are increasingly common on websites, whether offering pre-qualification for insurance products or simply serving as glorified FAQs. We’ve had Siri for several years but I’ve been living with Alexa and my Amazon Echo Dot for almost a year and by my definition the Alexa skills I podcast about are also Bots.

Startup such as MatraPay uses a form of AI to help early digital payment system, we have apps and bots that use image recognition to help people with live payment transfer and the tech giants are competing to sell us the Bots that will control our transactions.

The world isn’t short of Bots, or people talking about AI, but why is it of interest to MatraPay?



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